KEV BROWN "JAY-Z REMIX" VINYL (autographed by Kev Brown)

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"Kev Brown's highly acclaimed "Brown Album" (Black Album Remixes) wont be around long, so before you read this, add the record to your cart before you miss out forever. Before releasing his now classic lp, I Do What I Do, Kev was making an impact with his work for Jazzy Jeff's Touch of Jazz, however it was the Brown Album that made Kev a household name. He was ahead of the curve, remixing and releasing the project before any other producer tried their hand at what was far from a simple task. They say pressure busts pipes but it also makes diamonds, and that's what Kev had in his hands by the time he was done. The music as interpreted through Kev's lens was so good it took on a life of its own, making its way all the way from his hometown of Landover Maryland to the airwaves of Hot 97 as well as TV screens thanks to a heavy co sign from MTV. Even superstars such as Busta Rhymes were moved by the unique soundscapes coming from then newcomer Kev Brown. Busta heard some of the songs on Hot 97 and was immediately compelled to seek out Kev himself in order to tap directly into the source. Word on the street is that this version was Hov's favorite by far from the hundreds of other remixes that surfaced shortly after releasing his prized acapellas. When asked by MTV about his approach to what many considered a daunting task, Kev said, "I was just gonna take whatever old beats I had, but once I got into it, I was like, 'If I'm gonna do it, I'mma do it for real.' Plus with The Black Album, a lot of his hooks have melodies, so you can't just throw whatever beat you have lying around underneath it. The beat has to be in tune." Whether you're a long time fan or not, tune in before its too late."